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We’ve Finally Finished Our Site!

After almost a year since its inception, our website is finally complete. We’ve worked very hard over the last couple of weeks to put the final bricks into place, including lots of new content and a handful of new projects.

The most significant upgrade has been the addition of an integrated store (for which we’ve developed a pretty neat shipping system). We also rearranged the content on our work page a bit, condensing the logos and posters into their own sections. Also new is the rollover zoom for the posters, which allows you to see a bit more of the finer details.

We’ve added more info to the company page, in order to more clearly explain our philosophy as a design firm “committed to environmental responsibility.” We’ve also added a few significant blog posts, including a behind the scenes process post and this mega-post about paper.

We wanted to point out a couple of hidden gems on the site that will likely go unnoticed by a majority of visitors. If you haven’t already stumbled across them, there are two rollovers that provide endless entertainment. The first is the skillet in the site’s footer and the second is the dutch oven on the home page. Last, something you’ll hopefully never see (but naturally is one of our favorite things on the site) is the 404 page.

Last but most certainly not least, we are having a sale and giveaway in the general store. We’re giving away four prints and all you need to do is follow us on twitter or like us on facebook to enter.

If you find any errors, send us an e-mail and we’ll send you a complimentary CIDCo postcard.

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  1. Beautiful website, great job!

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