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The Cast Iron Design Company is a

Full service

design studio

We work with clients to produce one-of-a-kind design solutions

and charge a fair price for our services without compromising quality

We're committed to

Environmental Responsibility

We Believe Green Design

Doesn't need to be

stuffy & serious

or equate to inflated production costs

We have experience in


different areas

Our “swiss army knife” assortment of services include:

Logos, Branding/Identity Systems, Posters, Screenprinting, Illustration, Packaging, Websites, Creative Copywriting, Photography & Riddle Solving.

We would like to work with you

Get in touch with us

Other things you may want to know about us

Research-Based Green Design
Green Design is Good Design

Green design is about getting more out of less—less materials, less energy, less water, less waste, less carbon emissions, et cetera—in order to minimize environmental impact. We carefully consider our options in order to produce the highest quality finished product with the smallest environmental footprint. There is a common misconception that green design equates to higher costs, which isn’t always the case. Often, green design solutions end up saving money.

We believe that considering the environmental impact of a project is an essential facet of any good design solution. Our approach to green design is research-based. Take for example, paper. Though paper may seem like a simple material, it's a surprisingly complex subject. Choosing the best option requires careful research for each individual project. We work with clients, manufacturers and production specialists to consider the environmental impact throughout all stages of the process, extending beyond the traditional role of designers.

Our Namesake
The name Cast Iron Design Company refers to the classic cast iron skillet. The timeless, efficient, and functional qualities of the cast iron skillet are all characteristics we strive for in our design work. Cast iron skillets are heirloom objects, often lasting hundreds of years, passed down from generation to generation. They are made of a singular material (iron) which is relatively simple to melt down and use to make something else. Cast iron cookware leeches healthy doses of iron into your diet, in contrast to contemporary cookware which instead leeches traces of carcinogenic teflon. We're also quite fond of the connotations people have with a cast iron skillet, such as memories of grandma fryin' up eggs & toast for breakfast, lumberjacks cooking a stack of flapjacks over an open fire, or old fashioned wives chasing their nar-do-well husbands out of the house.
About the Owners

The Cast Iron Design Company is co-owned by founders Richard Roche and Jonathan Black. They met in design school and soon realized they had a natural chemistry along with complementary skillsets. Not long after graduating they put their heads together and started a design company.

Richard loves fiddling with old fashioned cameras and honing his photography skills. His early college years as an English major were spent skipping classes and playing with design software in his dorm room. He soon made the wise decision to change majors and play with design software in the classroom, eventually leading to a BFA in Graphic Design from Minnesota State University, Mankato. He is a proud three time champion of the Pinewood Derby, loves canoeing, poking fires with sticks, and dreams of someday building a ship in a bottle.

Jonny is very tall, very sarcastic and extremely ticklish. He is an avid craigslister, accumulating a majority of his belongings from the service (including this awesome fridge). As a youngster, he won an a cappella singing competition and as a teenager, led a punk rock band to international fame minor local awareness. Jonny has a BFA in Graphic Design from Minnesota State University Mankato and an MFA in Visual Communications (with a focus on sustainable design) from the University of Arizona. If the BFA and MFA aren’t enough credentials, Jonny also holds a “Certificate of Participation” from the esteemed D.A.R.E. program.

Contact Information
If you are interested in working with us, or you just want to say hello, send us a message or give us a call. We are not hiring or accepting internships at this time, but we are willing to give feedback on portfolios if requested.


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